Have a look at the progress of this rooftop commission for special friends of mine who live in Brunswick, Melbourne and have asked me to create a work for above their stairwell. The focus of the imagery is on the rooftops which can be seen from their top floor. The roof scape is ever changing as apartments are built and warehouses disappear. The work is nearing completion.

Here you have the opportunity to see the commission as it progresses …. It starts with me visiting their property, taking photos and taking note of the colours of the view, the house, its interior and exterior and the preferences of those who have commissioned the work.



I then do a couple of small mockups using different media including paint and collage. This is to get a feel for the sizing of the work and how to incorporate the key aspects. One of these mockups I give to my friends…. it will look great in a small frame.












Then I start the main work. My first thought is to create a triptych but then I decided to go for a dyptich using upcycled wood which I have cut to size, gesso and then oil paint. Layers upon layer upon layer……. Backwards and forward with colour as I try to resolve the rooftops…


Rooftop commission