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In December 2021 Chase Klingenspor holds his first ever solo exhibition: Chase the Hip Guy.

Mounted in situ in the Woman-made gallery and online here.

Chase is a remarkable artist. He works in a fast, uninhibited, gestural way; heavily influenced by his favourite characters from television, books and movies.

Chase will happily document who and what is around him. He is completely comfortable with the use of colour.

For Chase, art brings happiness. It always helps reduce his anxiety and stress levels. It is a calming time. The chuckle of laughter while he is creating a work is priceless and he can easily finish a visual diary in one sitting.

Since commencing facilitated art sessions with Sheena Mathieson in 2014 a whole new world has opened up for him. Art just doesn't have to be about drawing his favourite characters...he has become more unrestricted, more expressive and more accepting of his art, no matter what form that art takes... he is venturing into new areas and concepts....

In this exhibition, Chase the Hip Guy,  is doing his own thing, as well as being exposed to the outside world - a touch of Bruegel, neighbours and their pets, the world around him.

Have a look at Chase's art by scrolling down this page.

All artworks are for sale, as indicated. If you are interested in buying contact Sheena here.


2014 - State Trustees Connected Art Exhibition
2014 - Level Playing Field 2015, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery
2015 - Home Arts Centre Melbourne House Project
2014 - The Write Signal Project Hume City Council
2015 - State Trustees Connected Art Exhibition
2017 - Strutt your Stuff Exhibition
2017 - Level Playing Field 2017, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery
2017 - Lid it, Fern Smith, Moreland
2017 - We are all in this together, Gee Lee-Wik Doleen Gallery, Craigieburn
2018 - Strutt your Stuff Exhibition
2018 - Level Playing Field 2018, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery
2018/2019 - NDIS Brotherhood of St Laurence, Greensborough collection
2019 - Strutt your Stuff Exhibition
2019 - Level Playing Field 2019, Darebin Arts Centre
2019 - Good People Act Now art show, Banksia Gardens Community Services
2019 - The Sea is Sinking with Fern Smith
2019 - State Trustees Connected Art Exhibition