An art-based practice run by Sheena Mathieson

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I am a visual artist and community facilitator specialising in crafting art from the found and bringing people together to explore their own creativity in inspiring and vibrant settings.

Woman-made is the business name under which I operate.

I make unique artworks exploring the world around us through colour and the use of preloved surfaces and objects, crafting atmospheric paintings, drawings, collages, objets d’art and wearable art pieces. Recurrent themes include the human and natural form and spirit, and our tenuous relationship with the environment.

As a community facilitator I use creative multifaceted activities to bring people together. I believe that we are all creative individuals with different skills, strengths and vulnerabilities, all capable of making beautiful and meaningful art given the right opportunities. We are all artists (even if we didn’t think we were one) who play a vital role in contributing to innovation, local identity and wellbeing in our community.

I facilitate fun, social programs and projects in which everyone, regardless of role, ability, age, background, can participate and be mutually inspired. Each person has access to the same materials, techniques and colour palette – the same set of rules – creating a level playing field from which to connect and make art. Activities always involve use of everyday coupled with quality art materials/media.

I have great connections with individuals, local groups and organisations, community houses and am able to actively promote my initiatives and the creations of those involved amongst these networks.

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