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My name is Sheena Mathieson. I am a Melbourne-based visual artist, arts facilitator and mentor.

I specialise in crafting art from the found and I help people explore and celebrate their own creativity in inspiring and vibrant settings under the banner of Woman-made.

As an arts facilitator, I use creative, multifaceted activities to bring people together, such as Strutt Your Stuff and my annual Level Playing Field.

I believe that we are all creative individuals with different skills, strengths and vulnerabilities, all capable of making beautiful and meaningful art given the right opportunities. We are all artists (even if we might not think we are!) who play a vital role in contributing to innovation, local identity and well-being in our community.

I facilitate fun, social programs and projects in which everyone, regardless of role, ability, age or background, can participate and be mutually inspired. I also mentor artists to develop their artistic skills, interests and confidence to exhibit their work in a range of settings.

I offer my programs and projects on-site in my inspirational home studio as well as in community and other settings. My Dream Cube and Woman-made Gallery provide a mentored exhibition experience for unrepresented artists, intrinsically involved in designing, developing and presenting their exhibition as an intimate and special online and in-situ experience.

To see my own art, which is inspired by my facilitation work, go to


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Free acrylic paint play today at Make a Day
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I’d like to draw your attention to my annual arts project which I’ve been running since 2015. It’s great fun! 
To find out more go to @levelplaying 
Would be great if you could participate 
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Fun making brooches today using discarded geli plate prints and wooden offcuts

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I know I’ve said it before but
we are all Picassos
Group work of Weeping Woman
Facilitated by @sheenamathieson
#artforall #communityart #colourstudies #picasso #weareallpicassos #weepingwoman #weareallartists #thornburyart
We are all Picassos
Facilitated by @sheenamathieson
#artforall #communityart #colourstudies #picasso #weareallpicassos #weareallartists #thornburyart

I acknowledge and pay my respects to the Traditional Owners of the land upon which we live, work and play, for me the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We are on land which always was and always will be Aboriginal land.