Fun, social programs and projects in which everyone, regardless of role, ability, age, background, can participate and be mutually inspired.

Each person has access to the same materials, techniques and colour palette – the same set of rules – creating a level playing field from which to connect and make art.

Activities always involve use of everyday coupled with quality art materials and media.

See some of Woman-made projects and programs below and in the drop down Art for All pages.

Face-to-face and Zoom opportunities available.


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Level Playing Field

Level Playing Field 2019 Sheena Mathieson Main

Level Playing Field is Sheena's innovative, inclusive and inspiring arts project celebrating self-expression and connection running since 2015, and based on her firm belief that we are all artists.

The project involves people of all abilities, ages and backgrounds having access to the same materials, techniques and colour palette (the same set of rules) to each create a unique, quality artwork.

All completed Level Playing Field artworks are then celebrated in a public gallery space.

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Strutt Your Stuff

Strutt Your Stuff 2019 Sheena Mathieson Main

A fun, inclusive evening of fashion and creativity celebrating self-expression, individuality and the power of re-using and recycling.

Created by the community, for the community, and thanks to all the volunteers involved, a truly inclusive event.

Strutt Your Stuff demonstrates what can be achieved when we all work together.

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The online creative workshops with Sheena have given me courage.

I now look at all my art materials with wonder not dread.

I enjoy being surprised at my own artistic choices and creations.

Thank you, Sheena, for creating the space for this.


Debby Maziarz Productions, Melbourne