I am a Melbourne-based artist and facilitator of fun, creative programs and projects for people of all abilities and backgrounds, based on my firm belief that we are all creative beings.

Woman-made provides a focal point for the creation and appreciation of art using explorative techniques and recycled/found materials combined with quality media: providing beautiful art works, creative programs and projects and exhibition opportunities.

I facilitate fun, social programs and projects in which everyone, regardless of role, ability, age, background, can participate and be mutually inspired. Each person has access to the same materials, techniques and colour palette – the same set of rules – creating a level playing field from which to connect and make art. Activities always involve use of everyday coupled with quality art materials and media.

I have great connections with individuals, local groups and organisations, community houses and am able to actively promote my initiatives and the creations of those involved amongst these networks.

For five years I facilitated the vibrant Make a Day in Hume at Banksia Gardens Community Services, culminating in the successful We Are All In It Together exhibition at Gee Lee-Wik Doleen Gallery in 2017/2018.

Art Coordinator Sheena Mathieson 12

Level Playing Field

Level Playing Field 2019 Sheena Mathieson Main

Level Playing Field is my innovative, inclusive and inspiring arts project celebrating self-expression and connection running since 2015, and based on my firm belief that we are all artists.

The project involves people of all abilities, ages and backgrounds having access to the same materials, techniques and colour palette (the same set of rules) to each create a unique, quality artwork.

All completed Level Playing Field artworks are then celebrated in a public gallery space.

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Strutt Your Stuff

Strutt Your Stuff 2019 Sheena Mathieson Main

A fun, inclusive evening of fashion and creativity held annually since 2017, this event celebrates self-expression, individuality and the power of re-using and recycling.

Created by the community, for the community, and thanks to all the volunteers involved, it's truly an inclusive event.

Strutt Your Stuff demonstrates what can be achieved when we all work together.

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Other programs and projects

Art for All Abilities

Span Community House

Mondays 10-2, Fridays 10-12 (during term time)

Facilitated fun and stimulating art-related activities using recycled materials and creativity in a variety of mediums, as well as enjoying regular (fortnightly) excursions. This group is for adults with an intellectual disability and those living with a mental illness.

Bookings essential – contact Span

Family Carers

Span Community House

Second Tuesday of the month 11.00am-1.00pm

A small group of like-minded carers who meet once a month on a Tuesday morning to connect and participate in facilitated and fun creative activities.

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Diversity in Art

Span Community House

A fun art-based program for the LGBTIQ+ community.

Running monthly on a Saturday morning between 10am and 12.

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Make a Day

Sheena's Art

Tuesdays 11-3 (during term time) and except for every second Tuesday of the month when from 1-3

A fun, creative program with fortnightly excursions to see and experience art.

For people of all abilities who enjoy making and learning about art in the broadest sense of the word. This group is actively involved in exhibiting, leasing and selling their artworks. Have a look at the Make a Day facebook page to find out more.

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Creating Connections

Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre

Fridays 1.30-3.30 (during term time)

Vibrant art program for people with young-onset dementia.

To find out more contact SHNC

Social art-making sessions and on-request team building opportunities

Fun, facilitated social art-making sessions. Groups between 2 and 10 people, organised at private homes, community centres, businesses, wherever you like!

You provide the refreshments and I bring the materials and activity for a seriously fun creative session.

Contact me if interested.

Sheena is an excellent facilitator. Her strong belief that everyone is an artist provides a foundation in her classes that enables all participants - adults, young adults and children, with or without a disability - to feel accepted and empowered as an artist. This ability of Sheena's to make art accessible for everyone is rare.


Contact Sheena about any of these opportunities.