Naomi's Exhibition Invitation Web

Naomi Mathieson is having her first solo exhibition: Naomi the Famous Artist.

This is incredibly significant. Not only is Naomi Mathieson an extremely talented artist, she is my daughter and the reason why I do what I do. She is therefore the perfect artist to lead off the opening of my Woman-made exhibition space as a new and distinctive offering where the artist is intrinsically involved in not only creating the work but designing, developing and presenting her exhibition as an intimate and very special experience.

Thanks to Amy Jenkinson who has been mentoring Naomi over 2020 and has made all of this possible. Also to Jacqui Lewis who worked with Naomi for a number of years and guided the production of the works on paper in this exhibition.

Naomi the Famous Artist will run from 17 October through to 31 October, 2020.

All artworks shown in the gallery below are for sale.

Naomi's Artist Statement

I make art at my home, Amy’s studio, Mum’s and at art therapy with Jacqui.

I love making art. I love coming to Amy’s house and having fun, painting, painting on old rags and surfaces, dancing, helping Amy organise her boxes and listening to Bob Marley.

At Amy’s studio I have my own art space. I like doing my own thing in this space.

I am curious about art materials and love colour. I see shapes and love putting them in my work. I love layering and noticing how colours change, what I can control and what I cannot. I love mixing colours and making colour concoctions.


Monday Art with Sheena and Jade 2014

Make a Day in Hume

Wild at Heart

3 years creating on a weekly basis with art therapist, Jacqui Lewis

Level Playing Field 2015 to 2019

State Trustees 2 years running, selling one of my works

Mentored by Amy Jenkinson 2020




Brotherhood of St Laurence

Many private collections, here and overseas

Work purchase enquiry

Liquid acrylic purchase enquiry

Card pack purchase enquiry