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Level Playing Field is an annual arts project which I have been running since 2015. Based on my conviction that we are all individual artists, Level Playing Field involves people of all abilities, ages, and backgrounds - each creating at least one unique artwork in one of a series of facilitated social art-making sessions - and exhibited here at the Level Playing Field 2020: The Shape We Are In exhibition.

Each artist has access to the same materials, techniques, colour palette and support – the same set of rules – a genuine level playing field.

Each year the art-making process and outcomes are different, carefully selected and designed to be accessible and provide equal opportunity. The creative process involves use of everyday and recycled, coupled with quality art materials and a scripted step-by-step process in which I encourage participants to play and not overthink the end result.

For most of 2020 it was impossible to meet face-to-face, therefore this year the art-making sessions were predominantly held on Zoom with only two sessions held face-to-face. Each artist received a special art pack, not to be opened until the session. This pack contained 3 Faber and Castell primary coloured pencils, 21cm squares of upcycled cardboard, Fabriano Rosapina paper and donated/recycled paper of various types.

Level Playing Field 2020: The Shape We Are In involved 70 participants across 15 group sessions between July and November. Groups as small as two, and as large as 13 came together with the same set of rules, same media, same technique and the same colour palette. There was no pressure to participate; simply going with the flow.

Different people with different preferences and ways of working, differing perspectives, come together to celebrate our individuality and creative connections in 2020.

Each artwork is for sale at $50.00.

In addition to online, the Level Playing Field 2020: The Shape We Are In exhibition is showcased at the Woman-made Gallery, including group monoprints of participant’s cut-out shapes.

The Gallery is open Saturdays and Sundays 1-5pm, or by appointment. Contact Sheena if you are interested in visiting.

Join us for the launch at the Gallery
Friday 11 December, 5-7pm
Please RSVP to secure a spot

Special thanks to Level Playing Field donors, Yve Design art curation, those who hosted sessions and all the fantastic Level Playing Field 2020 artists.


Level Playing Field 2020 works on paper 21 x 21 cm - $50 each.

Click or tap on any of the works to see them full-screen, then click/tap to the left or right, or use the arrow keys on your keyboard, to step through the images.

If you're keen to make a purchase enquiry, note the numbers of the works you're interested in and enquire below.

Level Playing Field 2020 work purchase enquiry

Monotype prints created from Level Playing Field 2020 participant shapes.

50 x 70cm. Fabriano Rosapina paper 220gsm. $200 each.

Proceeds go to Level Playing Feld 2021.

If you're keen to make a purchase enquiry, enquire below.

Monotype purchase enquiry

Level Playing Field 2020 – the video!