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Level Playing Field 2021 was the seventh iteration of this innovative, inclusive and inspiring arts project, celebrating self-expression and demonstrating how we are all different but socially connected artists.



Between September and November 2022 Sheena facilitated 19 creative Level Playing Field sessions on Zoom. 95 participant artists – from Melbourne and regional Victoria, some interstate, some in New Zealand.

Each artist received a special art pack containing primary coloured acrylic paint, a random square of Frankie magazine, a square of 300 gsm Saunders Waterford paper, a gessoed wooden square, rice glue in an upcycled pipette and 3 pieces of found sponge.

The 2021 creative process was a shout out to the very first Level Playing Field in 2015, bringing everyone who participated to the same level and using a similar technique and medium.


The final 92 artworks submitted, plus monotype prints of the artist’s cut-out references were exhibited in the Level Playing Field 2021 exhibition at the then Woman-made Gallery in North Fitzroy, and can be seen here.

Each artwork is for sale at $50.00 with proceeds going back to the artist.


Level Playing Field 2021 works - $50 each.

Works on paper measure 20 x 20 cm

Works on wood measure 8 x 8 cm

Click or tap on any of the works to see them full-screen, then click/tap to the left or right, or use the arrow keys on your keyboard, to step through the images.

If you're keen to make a purchase enquiry, note the numbers of the works you're interested in and enquire below.

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