Level Playing Field 2023 is the ninth iteration of the innovative, inclusive and inspiring arts project run by the engaging Sheena Mathieson.

A magic opportunity to connect through making art with others, and then celebrate our creations in a joyful group exhibition.

27 artists, 8 facilitated group sessions.

A surprise creative process.

Each participant artist was given access to the same materials (upcycled Merbau wooden offcuts, upcycled self-adhesive foam and yellow, red, blue and white slow-drying acrylics), the same size support (a square piece of quality art paper measuring 21 x 21 cm), and the same instructions. They were asked to create their own stamp, cutting pieces of the self-adhesive foam and attaching them to a square of wood. This newly created stamp was then used to create prints using slow-drying acrylic paints (choosing from yellow, red, blue and white).

The brief was fairly free; the first print being an experiment, the second a face (try doing this with a stamp not intended for this purpose!), and the last completely open. Participants were only allowed to paint the stamp; not the paper. The participant artists then had to choose which of the 3 works they would like to go into the exhibition.

Level Playing Field 2023 was run in a very relaxed, and as always, social way; the focus being on creating in a happy group setting where there is an exchange between participants, a sharing of ideas and connection.

IMG 9245
IMG 9258

The Level Playing Field 2023 exhibition is now on, here at my gallery and at Coburg Library over November 2023.

The artworks, on Fabriano Academia paper (200 gsm) measuring 21 x 21 cm, are for sale at $50.00 each with proceeds going to the artist who has made the work.

The artworks are truly beautiful. Demonstrating how we are all so different, and talented!

Thanks to the wonderful artists involved. You rock.


Amanda Burton, Amy Jenkinson, Chloe Brugale, Con Valahis, Debby Maziarz, Emma Wylie, Fiona Collier, Isabelle Hann, Jan Toetuu, Joanne Kelly, Julie Cuthell, Kim Loughron, Lindesay Dresdon, Louise D'Amico, Luisa Laino, Madeline Fairhall-Wald, Naomi Mathieson, Pascale Toussat, Peggy Moad, Peter Forrester, Prue McIntosh, Rashmi Loreinne, Sally Dalton, Sharon Bard, Sheena Mathieson, Suzy Taylor, Vince Angelozzi




Level Playing Field 2023 works - $50 each.

Print on squares of Fabriano Academia paper measuring 21 x 21 cm each.

Click or tap on any of the works to see them full-screen, then click/tap to the left or right, or use the arrow keys on your keyboard, to step through the images.

If you're keen to make a purchase enquiry, note the artists of the works you're interested in and enquire below.

Level Playing Field 2023 work purchase enquiry