Book endI am organising an exciting arts-based project for May-July 2016, called Level Playing Field 2016.

This builds on the inaugural Level Playing Field 2015 which I conceived and curated in early 2015. (

Level Playing Field is a project involving people of all abilities each making a unique artwork and then participating in a curated exhibition at a high profile gallery.

Level Playing Field 2016 will involve 100 people of all abilities each producing an artwork in a series of fun, inclusive 3-hour sessions where each person will have access to the same medium, materials, paper size and colour palette. By limiting the parameters of the artistic process a level playing field is created and potential realised.

The exhibition of the artworks at Stephen McLaughlan Gallery in the city in June/July 2016 will celebrate the creativity and diversity of everyone involved, challenging perceptions and assumptions about artistic ability and demonstrating that we are all gifted creative beings.

How you can get involved

I am determined to see Level Playing Field 2016 eventuate as planned and without seeking payment for the time taken to facilitate the various art-making sessions required.

So far I have been successful in getting a donation of beautiful, high quality paper from Neil Wallace Printmaking Supplies (valued at over $600) and have a significant number of talented artists of all abilities ready to roll.

I still need however, and at minimum:

$2500 for gallery rental and other materials

Recycled styrofoam vegetable trays


In this regard I am happy to come to any venue/work site to work for 2-3 hours with members or employees of your organisation interested in participating in this exciting venture.

Equally I am happy to have you come and join one of the groups I run from my home in North Fitzroy.

The cost for each participant will be $20 ($10 concession).

If you are interested in participating in any aspect of this exciting project please contact me.

Also, please pass on to anyone you may know who might be interested.

Level Playing Field 2016 kicks off!