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Level Playing Field 2019 is the fifth iteration of this innovative, inclusive and inspiring arts project celebrating self-expression and demonstrating how we are all different but socially connected artists.

This is a unique opportunity for connection, with all participants accepted as equal and deserving of the title of artist.

Level Playing Field 2019  will involve more than 100 participants, mainly living/working in Darebin but also from beyond, all having access to the same materials, techniques and colour palette (same set of rules) to each create a unique, quality artwork. Art-making sessions will occur between July and October 2019 at a range of community settings, at people’s homes, at the Darebin Arts Centre, in a range of community based programs, local businesses etc.

I will work closely with Catherine Copley of Yve Design in the mounting of the Level Playing Field exhibition at Darebin Arts Centre between 1 and 18 November 2019. All artworks will be for sale with the bulk of the proceeds going to the artists concerned.

Each year the art-making process and outcome are different, carefully selected and designed to be accessible, allowing for individuality and a level playing field. The element of surprise makes the whole experience intriguing and fun.