The Story (2)

In early 2020 I started experimenting with oil paint on upcycled wooden cheese wheels; investigating the circle as the ultimate geometric shape in a scientific-come expressive and colour-full way.

This investigative process did not come easily – the attempt to be scientific, extending my colour palette to 2 yellows, 2 reds and 2 blues (and a white), sanding back, applying layers, making marks, turning and manipulating. Referencing shapes and motifs which have played a part in my work for a long time; figures in motion, people I have and have not known, places of yore…

I completed the series of circular oil paintings in time for my planned exhibition at Stephen McLaughlan Gallery in May 2020. This of course did not happen because of Melbourne’s long term COVID-19 lockdown and I shelved the works for nearly 8 months. Literally.

I spent the rest of 2020 perfecting a particular and personal printmaking technique using shape and colour; creating a body of colourful work entitled The Poetics of Space. And so in early 2021 I was ready and keen to produce a suite of small monotypes to accompany the circular oil paintings: featuring the circle, the same motifs and demonstrating how the full spectrum of colour can be achieved using yellows, reds, blues and white.

The oil paintings and monotypes were finally unveiled in February 2021 at the Stephen McLaughlan Gallery in the iconic Nicholas Building in the city, corner Flinders Lane and Swanston Street.

SM 2

A cohesive, schmick body of work. A kaleidoscope of colliding shapes and figures, a vibrant, sometimes psychedelic, sometimes haunting display of portholes on life. Transporting the viewer, like the titivated cheese wheels.

The exhibition at Stephen McLaughlan Gallery drew a lot of interest from those who visited. People engaged with the work: wanting to understand the people in motion, how the work was made, etc.

Thanks to all those who visited and to those who commented on the work. Thanks to Stephen McLaughlan for his ever amazing curatorial skills in displaying my work so thoughtfully.

Here are the individual works, for sale as indicated. If interested please contact me.

Square Monotypes on paper (250 x 250) each $100.00

Circular Oil paintings on wooden panel (typically 350 diameter) each $300.00

Free delivery if in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Postage extra if outside the Melbourne metropolitan area.

To find out more contact me here.