My artwork explores the world around us through colour and the use of preloved surfaces and objects, which carry with them texture and emotions.

I craft atmospheric paintings, drawings, collages, objets d’art and wearable art pieces. Recurrent themes include the human and natural form and spirit, and our tenuous relationship with the environment.  My work has a strong physical presence.

Whilst I have created many works on the traditional blank canvas or sheet of paper, my preference is to work on a surface which carries other narratives. This is where I feel most comfortable. I love limiting myself to just using primary coloured paint, pencil, pigment .... and often collage, then  sanding back, polishing, manipulating the surface to create works which beg to be touched.

The gallery below shows just some of my works.
They are for sale unless indicated otherwise.

To see more of my art go to my Instagram feed, come and visit my home gallery, or get in touch.


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