Level Playing Field 2020 - THE SHAPE WE ARE IN is the sixth iteration of this innovative, inclusive and inspiring arts project.

It celebrates self-expression and demonstrating how we are all different but socially connected artists.

LPF is a unique opportunity for connection, with all participants accepted as equal and deserving of the title of artist.

Level Playing Field 2020 involves participant artists joining one of a series of online group sessions between  August and November 2020. Groups as small as 2, and as large as 10.

The same set of rules, same media, same size support (paper), same technique and the same colour palette (primary colours – red, yellow and blue).

Different people with different preferences and ways of working, different perspectives celebrating our individuality and creative connections.

It's all brought together and toasted in the Level Playing Field 2020 exhibition!

To find out more or participate:

Contact Sheena

Less if you do not have income.
More for those who can afford it.
Or pay/pass it forward!

To gain insight into this great project have a look 'What is Level Playing Field?'

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Level Playing Field 2020 V2