Blarney’s Books and Art in Port Fairy run a fantastic art competition called the Biblio Art Prize. They randomly allocate a book to the registered artists and the artist reads the book then creates an artwork!

My creation is Ode, inspired by Sophie Cunningham’s City of Trees. It’s not what I might normally pick up but as I devoured the book I realised it was so apt, given my concern for the unravelling of climate change, my eternal love of trees, life choices, background and creative themes.

Reading Sophie’s book caused me to reflect and to rediscover my family motto: Fac Et Spera (do and hope).

I found myself re-invigorated creatively, amongst the Messmate trees, and Ode is the result.

It’s an upcycled plastic mannequin dressed in an outfit crafted from papier-mâchéd toilet paper wraps, oil paint, sap, leaves and branches, fastened to a polished piece of burnt coastal Messmate (Eucalyptus obliqua).

You can register to attend the opening night at Blarney’s Books and Art.

I’ve been accepted into the Biblio Art Prize!