Level Playing Field is an innovative, inclusive and inspiring annual arts project celebrating self-expression and demonstrating how we are all different but socially connected artists. This project provides an opportunity for connection across cultural background, age and ability. It accepts all participants as equal and deserving of the title of artist.
I have run this project for 4 years now with the 5th iteration of Level Playing Field planned for the second half of 2019.

Level Playing Field involves people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds having access to the same materials, techniques and colour palette (the same set of rules) to each create a unique, quality artwork. A series of facilitated social art-making sessions are held across several months, organised at private homes, community centres, businesses, etc. The completed artworks are then brought together and shown in the Level Playing Field exhibition which has traditionally been at the iconic Stephen McLaughlan Gallery in Melbourne.

Over the past 4 years, many Level Playing Field artworks have sold with the proceeds going directly to the artists concerned. In 2016 (100 participants) Moreland City Council purchased imagery of several artworks for its Disability Access and Inclusion Plan, in 2017 (149 participants) the exhibition attracted great interest as part of Melbourne’s Nite Art 17 and in 2018 109 participants celebrated this great project.

In 2019 I am diversifying this project and exploring different exhibition spaces. I will be working with the fabulous Yve Design in the mounting of the 2019 Level Playing Field exhibition at Darebin Arts Centre in November 2019.

Level Playing Field 2019 ready to lift off!